JH Ranch Rabbitry

Welcome to the website for JH Ranch Rabbitry! We took a bit of a break from raising rabbits but  WE ARE BACK!!  We now have holland lops (SS Hilltop,KarrotKreek,Briarcliffs lines), both black banded and BLUE banded dwarf hotots (Percys,RHA,Kaleidoscope's lines), AND a few mini rex left hanging around. Also, we are still raising chinchillas (not the rabbit breed) Most of my lines are from Merritt chinchillas and the former Stark chinchillas in a variety of colors including BLUE DIAMOND. We only buy breeding animals from fellow reputable breeders for breeding purposes, all animals are pedigreed, and ,as always, we strive for high quality. Please also visit us on our facebook page, I am way better about keeping up with that then keeping this web page updated.

We are located in Kansas City, MO and shipping of animals is possible. Many times transport is also available.

I do offer a "bring it back, no questions asked" policy, where if you get a chinchilla from me and even if its 10 years later and you no longer want it for some reason, you can bring it back ( I wont buy it off you) I know life can be crazy and sudden changes can overwhelm so that's why I have this policy.